Normal Days

There's nothing special in the world.

I have to take the entrance exam next week

Hi, I'm a graduate student. But I don't like my lab ,so I want to go another lab of another University. This month I have to take the entrance exam. I'm so nurvos! I don't want to study anymore! This was a challenging task for me. I found …

I don't know what should I do

I used to be dating with a woman who is so cute! I loved her very much. But she's gone becouse of my personality. Actually, I always only think about myself. I don't care about others. I think I am someone and I can do some incredible thin…


grant + person + ~ admit person ~

The impression of 115 episodes of one-punch-man

The episodes of 115 of one-punch-man have been updated. It's very exciting!!The hero,Saitama finally appeared! Next,he must take just a one punch against the enemy,and knock outo him.I'm very excited to see that.

Today was a disappointing day.

I wake up at 10 o'clock,I want to study.But, I had no motivation,then. So, I watch a Lecture on Philosophy with YouTube.And I was tired. I was hungry,but there is no food I can eat. I was worried. But I edured.

Maggie's farm【Dylan歌詞和訳】マギーズ・ファーム

I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more マギーの農場で働くつもりはないよ、これ以上。 No, I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more もういやだ。マギーの農場で働くつもりはないよ、これ以上。 Well, I wake in the morning Fold my hands and…

All Along the Watchtower【Dylan 歌詞和訳】見晴らし塔からずっと

There must be some way out of here Said the joker to the thief 何かここから出る方法があるはずだ、と道化師は、盗人に言った。 There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief ここは、混沌としすぎている。もう救いようがないほどだ。 Businessme…

Rainy Day Woman【Bob Dylan 歌詞和訳】雨の日の女

stoneは石という意味ですが、この歌では動詞で、「非難する」「石をぶつける」というようなニュアンスで使われています。 stone → 石をぶつける → 非難する・批判する・たたく と言うような感じです。 歌詞和訳 Well, they'll stone ya when you're trying t…