Normal Days

There's nothing special in the world.

I don't know what should I do

I used to be dating with a woman who is so cute!

I loved her very much. But she's gone becouse of my personality.

Actually, I always only think about myself.

I don't care about others. 

I think I am someone and I can do some incredible things.

But That's wrong. I made a mistake. No, I was making mistakes.

Even if I can do some incredible things, that's not important because I don't really want to do those things. My recommand is not so difficult.

I find I can be satisfied with a normal things at last.

I really don't want to be someone so much. 

I was in a good mood. She made me feel very good and I can't feel things normaly.

Now, I recognaize I was worng.

I'm not so special. I'm normal. And if I think I'm special it's embarassing.

Whenever we think about something is so good, we make a mistake.

There's nothing so good enough. If you think something good, that means your imagination is limited.