Normal Days

There's nothing special in the world.

I have to take the entrance exam next week

Hi, I'm a graduate student.

But I don't like my lab ,so I want to go another lab of another University.

This month I have to take the entrance exam.

I'm so nurvos! I don't want to study anymore!

This was a challenging task for me. I found my own personality through this experiece.

I used to think I was special person who can do somthing special.But I was wrong.

Through studying for test I found I'm so easy to satisfy!!

I don't have to do something special becouse I usually feel happy to normal things.

So I wanna be natural. I don't want to struggle.

I want to be just me!

Fortunetly, I have many gift, language ability, not so bad looks and good parents and... for my life. So I can do this! Even if I don't strggle I can make me satisfied!!